Monday, October 17, 2011

:: uoy deen I ::

Its sad to say but my heart can't seem to let go
Holding on to distant memories that haunt me
I try to erase but the mark you left is permanent
Etched deep within
I try to let go
But something keeps hold to the love birthed from our souls
I need you

I need you to remind me of why I left
Remind me of why the sleepless nights are better than the warm days kissed by your embrace
Remind me of why my hearts break outweighs the souls intake of real love
Remind me of why it is better to have a love lost than no love at all
And I need you

I need you to forgive me for foolishly believing that a life without you was better for me
Forgive me for selfishly deciding that a WE was no longer needed to make my soul happy
I need you

I need you to go with me
I need you to go back in time to the place where I left our love behind
Help me find it
Help me find me again
Cause in this time apart I lost myself
Tried to fill voids with useless boys that wanted nothing more than a quick hit
And that's why I need you

I need you to save me
Take me back to the place of butterfly kisses
Take me back to the scent of honey suckles on a Spring Day
I need you

I need you to fill me
Let your love overflow within me
Cause I just want to go back to the nights that I spent staring into your eyes
I just want to go back to the nights where my cries were of passion and not sadness
I want to go back to the time when I love you meant just that
I just want to spend time with you
Sit on the porch sippin tea
Reminiscin on all the memories
I want to play Hide N' seek
Play Tag in the rain and let you catch me
Cause you have managed to assure me that true love does exist
And my heart can't resist the desire to have you

And I want you

I need you

I crave you

The fact is...

I love you

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