Monday, April 11, 2011

Daily Devotion for 4/11 Changing and Growing

Good morning Family. It's a new day...I'm excited for the new things happening in the lives of those close to me. Here's today's Devotion:

Today's Topic: Changing and Growing
Scripture Text: Psalms 84:7

"They go from strength to strength" Psalms 84:7

In an old Peanuts cartoon Charlie Brown says to his friend Linus, "What would you do if you felt that no one liked you?" Linus replies, "I'd see what I could do to improve" To which Charlie Brown replies, "I hate that answer!"

There are three reasons we that answer and want to freeze life where its at:

#1 When it took everything we had to get to where we are, "Let's go" is not what we want to hear

#2 We're creatures of habit; we form our habits, then our habits form us

#3 Change makes us feel insecure; deep down, we fear we don't have what it takes.

Near the top of Mount Everest is a marker which reads, "He died climbing" (What a great way to be remembered) Growth is an uphill climb. If you want to keep growing you must never stop climbing: "The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day" {Proverbs 4:18) How do we grow and change? "They go from strength to strength"

So how have you changed lately? In the last week, lets say? Or last month? Can you be very specific? Or must your answer always be incredibly vague? You say you're growing, okay--how?

Remember, effective teaching only comes through a changed person. When you stop changing, you stop leading. Today ask God to pinpoint the areas in which you need to change and grow.

With change comes freedom! So set yourself free today :) It's not an easy journey but it is well worth it.

Thought for the day: Ponder on the ways you've changed in the last week, month, year

Prayer for the day: Lord make me over. Lead me to the place and to be the person you need me to be. In Jesus' name

Alright Family, have a productive day.

Love to you all!!

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